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Your Road captain in the Himalayas.
I came from the background of mechanical with electrical and electronic.I am also a fitness enthusiast with solid interest in adventure !!!

Since my early days in school, I was attracted to machines and gadgets. It was my hobby to repair and maintain household gadgets, music system, room heaters, and washing machines among others. I also used to spend my leisure time opening and putting together the gadgets back, studying the system and functions of different parts.

Thanks to my curiosity to learn, soon I was able to fix the machines when they broke down. In fact, after a while, I became the official technician of the school. I used to set up the sound system, do the lighting, and maintain electrical equipment. On the side, I also started repairing different kinds of machineries including cars and motorcycles. That was the time when I was initiated to motorbikes.

I used to repair my friend’ s motorcycle and take it for test rides. After that, I never looked back. By the time I realized, I had already developed a deep passion for motorcycles. I instantly felt in love with the power, sound, and smell of motorcycles. For me, motorcycle rides were a form of personal freedom.

Even now, every time I ride my bike, it gives wings to my inner desire – to travel, to see the world out there, to explore. When I am riding, I can feel the weather – the cold, the heat, the pleasant, lashing against my physical body, which gradually becomes one with the nature. I can enjoy the beautiful scenery and the raw beauty of nature. I can dance on the dirt. I can sing in the rain. Every ride is a learning experience. As much as it’ s an external, physical journey, it is also a journey within. I have learnt so much about myself on the numerous bike rides I have taken. I have come to understand my fears, worries, and mundane attachments. And every time, I have learnt to deal with these complex emotions of my inner world a little better.

Biking has taught me so much. The other upside is that I get to meet and mix around with a diversity of people, culture and social ethos and values from around the world. Whether the ride is good or bad, at the end of every ride, I enjoy that sense of achievement and accomplishment. And the most wonderful feeling is, every end of a ride is the beginning of another. Because I am rider, I am a better human being!


Riding The Cold Desert Roads

A group of Bhutanese bikers of the famed Bhutan Dragon Motorcycle Club rode through the tough terrains of Ladakh, India covering 2,500 kilometers in the entire journey – a journey that tests human spirit and physical endurance to the core.


Riding The Cold Desert Roads


Riding The Cold Desert Roads