Charity Ride – Gasa

Greetings Dear Dragons,

Would like to inform all that the 20th charity ride (31st oct. – 02nd nov.) to the magical, mesmerizing n blissful Gasa was a total success…barring the muddy n dusty dirt roads, the incessant rain and cold weather, the dragons had a wonderful time in the highlands doing what they always do best!!! it was once again another maiden entry into unchartered territory for the dragons…..
it’s hard to describe the impact of the beautiful scenery enroute towards Gasa, the different flora n fauna, the different sights n sounds, the enchanting aroma of the woods from sub-tropical to alpine vegetation, beautiful architecture n villages….i could go on but then you must have been there to experience it:)

The gentleness of the village folks, the hospitality of the locals, the warm n friendly smiles on the faces of the charity recipients, the welcome reception from the Gasa head Lama and the tour of the fortress (highlight was the saddle of the Great Zhabdrung) made the dragons feel happy, humbled and content once again at a charity done right!!!!