When to visit Bhutan

Guide books will tell you that the best time to visit Bhutan is in the spring from March to May and during the autumn months from September through November. These are commonly referred to as high season. Unlike conventional tourism, motorcycling in Bhutan is possible year-round depending on your level of riding experience and the type of adventure you would like to have.

Every season brings its own special quality to motorcycling in Bhutan. The winter months from December to February are cold but dry and crisp. Depending on weather conditions and elevation, riding in the snow is possible. The spring brings blooming flowers. Of special note are the country’s many rhododendron varieties that create a colorful display for the motorcyclist while riding through Bhutan’s ancient forests. The spring also signals the beginning of the festival season that runs through to autumn. The summer months of June through August can be hot and humid, especially in the lower elevations. The seasonal monsoon brings rainy weather during these months, so if you like off-roading conditions, these are the months for you. Autumn is known for milder conditions and clearer skies. Rice is ripening in the paddies and the landscape turns golden. Chilies are drying on rooftops for the winter to come.

Bhutan TUSK Motorcycle Tours has been taking bikers on tour year-round. Proper motorcycle gear is a must. The type of jacket, pants, gloves and boots will depend on the time of year the proposed tour will take place. Temperatures vary depending on season and altitude. We recommend layering your clothing. A backup car will be following you throughout your motorcycle tour to carry your bags and necessities.

The Royal Government of Bhutan adheres strongly to a policy of ‘High Value, Low Volume’ tourism, Keeping in line with Bhutanese governmental regulations, we provide the motorcycle tour with an experienced national road captain to lead the tour and a Bhutan Tourism certified guide in the backup car, both of whom speak English and provide exceptional care and knowledge for our tour members no matter their age, gender or level of riding experience.

Bhutan TUSK Motorcycle Tours also guarantees, at a minimum, a Bhutan Tourism certified 3-star hotel, or if in a remote area where hotels are not available, a Bhutan Tourism certified homestay

The government of Bhutan forbids backpacking and bike packing.